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The ULIS Commitment
Underlining ULIS commitment to the utmost standards of integrity in sports, the Code of Conduct is to be seen as a complementary bylaw to the jurisdictional, legal and regulatory requirements of each one of our members’ jurisdictions.

In line with the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports.

Competitions, it addresses, inter alia, consumer and minor protection, restrictions on the events and betting types to be offered, avoidance of conflict of interests, obligation to report suspicious betting activity, contribution to good causes, responsible advertising, odds compiling and trading.

The Code, adopted at the General Meeting in Buenos Aires on 20 November 2018, applies to everyone engaged in ULIS activities, including all our members categories, partners, employees and Executive Committee Members. It is guided by ethic principles of respect, equity and non-discrimination, effectiveness, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, impartiality and integrity.

ULIS Code of Conduct:


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