Becoming a member of a leading, non-profit, global association with the highest standards in sports integrity is a commitment to safeguard sport in the fight against match fixing and illegal betting.

Some of the benefits of joining us:

  • Access to a global monitoring system to detect irregular and suspicious betting activities
  • Customized multitype alerts received every time we detect unusual betting patterns
  • Benefit from our complete range of educational services and training programs conceived by integrity expert professionals
  • Possibility of requesting full analysis on suspicious sporting events
  • Be part of a global network of integrity experts, national and international integrity platforms, sport bodies, law enforcement agencies, intergovernmental bodies, academia, etc.

For parties interested in acting in the protection of sports integrity, ULIS offers several membership possibilities , depending on the type of organization applying (state licensed lottery, a sports organization, public authority, betting regulator or operator).

State Lotteries
1. Full Individual Membership
Individual membership is open to lottery organizations that conduct sports betting and are either members of WLA or are members of one of the five regional lottery associations – EL, CIBELAE, NASPL, APLA, or ALA . Individual Members must maintain business practices that are in conformity with ULIS aims and objectives and its code of conduct.
Individual ULIS Application Form
Regional Lottery Associations
2. Collective Membership
Collective membership is open to WLA and the five regional lottery associations – EL, CIBELAE, NASPL, APLA, and ALA.
Collective ULIS Application Form
Gaming Supliers, Sports Organizations & Public Authorities
3. Associate Membership
Associate membership is open to service providers and suppliers of sports gaming platforms.

Associate membership is open to all sports organizations, including (non-exhaustive list) international and national sport federations, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), national and international governing sport authorities (such as national sports confederations and specialized sports units within ministries or government-commissioned or represented), sports associations (such as professional league associations).

Associate membership is open to all public authorities, including (non-exhaustive list) ministries, law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities, non-lottery regulatory betting authorities, and international, regional and national agencies and authorities and national platforms that have a public status and are officially recognized under the definition of article 13 of the Macolin Convention.
Associate General ULIS Application Form
Associate Suplier ULIS Application Form
Associate Sport ULIS Application Form
Associate Public ULIS Application Form
Sports Betting Operators:
4. Affiliate Membership:
Affiliate membership is open to all sports betting operators licensed by a regulating ULIS member, or by a Gaming Regulatory body having the Status of ULIS Associate Member or by a gaming regulatory body which has provided ULIS with the official certified status of registered Integrity Platform.

The relationship between the regulator and ULIS is twofold: either ULIS is an official integrity body registered with the regulator or the regulator is a member of ULIS. The regulator can be a ULIS Regulating Member or a ULIS Associate Member – Public Authorities (non-lottery regulating betting authority).
Affiliate ULIS Applicatiom Form
5. Regulating Membership:
Lotteries, members of WLA or EL/NASPL/ALA/APLA/CIBELAE, acting as a sports betting regulator within their territory, are eligible to join ULIS as Regulating Members.
Regulating ULIS Application Form
Membership Fees