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ULIS network has the objective to facilitate the exchange of information related to the manipulation of sports competitions, educate in order to create a culture of integrity, and prevent the proliferation of illegal sports betting practices.

Being part of a global network of actors is key to safeguarding sports integrity. Our approach is to promote transnational cooperation and partnerships, bringing together multiple stakeholders from several domains and facilitating the cross-border sharing of information on suspicious sports betting patterns.

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We are building a global multi-stakeholder network that connects lotteries to key players spanning from national and intergovernmental bodies, law enforcement, all the way to leagues, federations and sports organizations. All stakeholders can now seamlessly collaborate and exchange information under one roof. ULIS headquarters are based in Lausanne with operational hubs in Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Montreal.

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A new strategic vision and service offering is now in place to help lotteries better protect the integrity of sports competitions

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