Sports Betting in Latin America

Cibelae 2024 Conference to focus on the development of the Latin American sports betting market

The event is organized in collaboration with ULIS and the Council of Europe.

Opportunities, challenges and strategies for sustainable sports betting development

The Cibelae 2024 Conference will seek to reflect the growing relevance and dynamism of sports betting in the region, with an approach that will not only address the opportunities presented by the market, but also the challenges and key strategies for the sustainable development of the activity.

The most effective regulatory models will be explored, considering the diversity of legislative contexts in Latin American countries, as well as the technological trends that are transforming the bettors' experience. In addition, the social and economic impact of sports betting will be analyzed, highlighting its potential to contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry and generate benefits for local communities.

The event seeks to bring together experts, regulators and industry representatives to exchange knowledge, promote best practices and foster collaboration in building a solid and ethical landscape for sports betting in Latin America.

Preliminary Agenda

Thursday 18:

● Morning: Cibelae Board of Directors meeting.

● Afternoon: Council of Europe activity to promote integrity in sport, especially aimed at lottery officials and sports authorities in Latin America.

Friday 19:

● All day: Latin American Gaming Market Evolution Day. It will include ULIS training and dissemination activities, focused on the Latin American market. With the intervention of Luca Esposito, ULIS Secretary General.

The Cibelae 2024 Conference is a great opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and perspectives on the growing sports betting market in the region. Cibelae invites all key players, from representatives of state lotteries to sports authorities and other stakeholders, to actively participate.

Event details

Date: April 18-19, 2024.

Venue: Sofitel Recoleta Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For more information on participation and additional details, please contact Cibelae at

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