Şans Girişim joins ULIS Turkish sports betting service provider Şans Girişim joins ULIS

Şans Girişim joins ULIS

Turkish sports betting service provider Şans Girişim which is subsidiary of Şans Group Company, has become a regular member of the United Lottery for Integrity in Sports (ULIS), the global body dedicated to helping lotteries protect the integrity of sports competitions.

Şans Girişim, the sole authorized and exclusive service provider, to offer fixed odds and pari-mutuel betting bames based on sports competitions on behalf of Directorate of Spor Toto; carries out the fixed odds and pari-mutuel betting games operation based on competitions such as tennis, motor sports, volleyball, and especially football and basketball.

"We are delighted to welcome Şans Girişim into the ULIS family. Together, we will continue to promote a safe and trustworthy betting environment for players and sports enthusiasts in Turkey and worldwide," said ULIS President Gilles Maillet when Şans Girişim's membership was accepted by the Executive Committee on September 21st , 2023.

Şans Girişim CEO Mehmet Onur Doğan also expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Joining ULIS marks an important milestone for our company. We are firmly committed to fostering international collaboration for a healthy and transparent betting industry that encourages fair play. Our collaboration with ULIS will allow us to exchange best practices, leverage operational exchange, and contribute to our ongoing fight against competition manipulation."

As an international non-profit organization, the ULIS network of members and partners facilitates the exchange of information for detecting match-fixing, implementing education programs, preventing the proliferation of illegal sports betting practices, and creating a culture of integrity.