2023 Monitoring Report The number of alerts have increased

2023 Monitoring Report

ULIS has released the annual figures from the past year based on monitoring statistics compiled from data of our monitoring alerts.

The key highlights from 2023 are:

  • ULIS issued a total of 755 alerts to members
  • 22’000 more matches monitored compared to 2022
  • Matches with red alerts (322) represent 0.08 % of the total matches monitored
  • Club Friendly matches received the most number of red alerts per category
  • Football represents 81% of the alerts
  • Europe becomes the continent that has the highest percentage of the total alerts (49%) proportionally

In 2023, ULIS issued a total of 755 alerts to members (an increase of 24% compared with the previous year). From this total, 322 were red alerts that indicated a high probability of match manipulation. In order to protect the integrity of sports competitions, ULIS relies on its monitoring platform to detect suspicious matches, as well as its extensive collaboration and information exchange with members and partners.

Several factors may explain the rise in the detection of highly suspicious matches. Firstly, ULIS monitored 22’000 more matches in 2023 compared with 2022. In addition, ULIS has increased investments in resources for monitoring, detecting, and reporting suspicious matches. Also, the ongoing development of trustworthy collaboration within the ULIS network may have played a role in the increase of overall alerts including red. Finally, we cannot exclude that there could have been an increase in attempts of crime syndicates to manipulate more matches.

Once again, football, accounted for the majority of alerts, representing 81% of total alerts. However, compared to 2022, a wider variety of sports competitions were identified as being potentially manipulated. Ten other sports accounted for the remaining 19% of alerts this year, with basketball ranking second and tennis third in terms of the number of alerts.

Geographically speaking, most of the alerts occurred in Asia and Europe , with 83% of total alerts generated for competitions taking place on one of these two continents. However, in Asia the number of alerts remained similar to 2022 despite the fact that, in proportion to the total amount, there was a significant decrease in matches with alerts from 42% in 2022 to 34% in 2023. This resulted in Europe becoming the most affected continent, accounting for 49% of the total alerts in 2023, compared with 38% in 2022.

Monitoring Report 2023