GLMS and IOC sign agreement to combat manipulation

GLMS and IOC sign agreement to combat manipulation

01 February 2022. The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have signed a cooperation agreement for the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions through effective information sharing and coordinated education activities.

“This agreement will enhance cooperation between GLMS and IOC to protect sport integrity and allow for a more cohesive approach between the sports and lottery worlds”, said Luca Esposito, GLMS General Secretary and Executive Director of the World Lottery Association.

Friedrich Martens, Head of the Olympic Movement Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions at the IOC, added, “Beyond their traditional financial support to the Olympic movement, we are glad that Lotteries have been also strongly supporting us in our efforts to keep sport and, notably our pinnacle event, the Olympic Games, free from manipulations. We are glad to sign this agreement with GLMS which will allow us to further strengthen our cooperation”.

GLMS, the non-profit global association that represents the sports betting integrity interests of lotteries worldwide, and the IOC, will coordinate their global activities to address sports manipulations and other sport integrity issues in a timely manner.

Both organisations are observers to the statutory Committee of the International Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, (Macolin Convention) and have already been working together on various editions of the Olympic Games and educational activities. The new agreement will contribute to developing synergies between the lottery sector and the sporting world within this domain.