GLMS at Events in May

GLMS at events in May: contributing to WLA/EL Sports Betting Seminar and to the Interpol Match-Fixing Task Force
GLMS at Events in May

GLMS: from the Interpol Match-fixing task force in Abu Dhabi to the WLA/EL Sports Betting Seminar in Sevilla

GLMS contributes to 12th Interpol Match-Fixing Task Force in Abu Dhabi

10-12 May 2022. Represented by General Secretary, Luca Esposito Poleo, GLMS participated for the second time in the Interpol Match-Fixing Task Force, this time hosted by the UAE Ministry of Interior, contributing to discussions on the use of our lottery network, our education tools and notably our analyses, monitoring and integrity reports.

The event, which took place from 10-12 May 2022 in the United Arab Emirates, brought together law enforcement, international sports federations and public authorities working in the domain

GLMS works with law enforcement, sports and other sports betting monitoring organizations and lottery industry regulators to achieve this through its monitoring, detection and analysis services and the intelligence it shares across the community.

Luca Esposito presented our activities and diverse partnerships that help in the global fight against sports competition manipulation, followed by a discussion on current integrity activities and describing internal work in developing integrity reports.


GLMS discusses its future vision and current integrity activities to current and future members in Sevilla

17-19 May 2022. We hear about sports competition manipulation a lot in the news, but what happens behind the scenes? How is it flagged up and who is involved in investigations?

Given the complex and often transnational nature of Match-fixing that is often related to other illicit activities such as money laundering through illegal sports betting operators, it requires a united effort from many stakeholders.

Our General Secretary Luca Esposito presented the work of GLMS at the World Lottery Association (WLA) and The European Lotteries Sports Betting Seminar in Spain to current and future members, and explained how to deal with an integrity incident.

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GLMS strategy and vision

Meanwhile, the association’s President, Ludovico Calvi, talked about trends affecting the global betting industry, such as digitalization, increasingly data-driven betting operations and greater use of mobile phones and of GLMS’ vision and strategy for the next few years.

He also noted some of the challenges faced when it comes to maintaining global betting integrity, such as ensuring all key stakeholders (regulators, sports organizations, law enforcement agencies) at domestic and global level get involved, and protecting consumers through the development of effective gaming regulatory frameworks. Another key aspect is to find ways to share intelligence effectively across the global community.

GLMS aims to prevent, detect and analyze irregular and suspicious betting activities that could question the integrity of a sport competition. The association is working hard to improve its services and keep expanding its membership with the goal to become the most credible and respected entity worldwide in the fight against match-fixing through safeguarding sports integrity and values and working with public and private stakeholders globally.