GLMS becomes ULIS

Global Lottery Monitoring Syste becomes ULIS (United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports). A new strategic vision and service offering is now in place to help lotteries better protect the integrity of competition in sports

ULIS leadership is embarking on an ambitious plan to change and upgrade the scope of its services. We aim to act as a beacon, helping lotteries navigate and proactively manage the complex world of sports through a wide ecosystem of services and a global multi-stakeholder network.


Services are expanding from monitoring and detection alone to a complete portfolio including education, training, multi-stakeholder collaboration, events, policymaking, extended human analysis networks and a peerless monitoring systems.

A wide ecosystem of services ULIS Infographic


We are building a global multi-stakeholder network that connects lotteries to key players spanning from national and intergovernmental bodies, law enforcement, all the way to leagues, federations and sports organizations. All stakeholders can now seamlessly collaborate and exchange information under one roof. ULIS headquarters are based in Lausanne with operational hubs in Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Montreal.

A global multi stakeholder network ULIS infographic

We will be reaching out to all members with the launch of our new website, January 2023.


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Q&A General

Why is GLMS changing its name?

There is a large discrepancy between where the association stands at this point in time and the new strategic view of where it aims to be. Services are expanding from monitoring and detection alone to a complete service portfolio including education and training, prevention programs, knowledge building, intelligence studies, stakeholder influence management and collaboration.

What happens with my agreements and contracts with GLMS?

From a legal point of view all the contracts signed with the formal name of the organization are still valid. Only the name in the Statutes bylaws of the association has changed. New contracts will be arranged moving forward with the new name.

Where do I find the new logo?

The new logo, together with its usage guidelines, will be available soon for downloading on the new website that is under construction.

Additional Q&A for staff, members and partners

As a member or a partner is there anything I need to do as a result of the new name and rebranding?

If you are an institutional partner or a member, aside from updating your records to reflect our name change and communicate our rebranding internally, no other action is required at this stage.

Will the email addresses of staff change and, if so, what is the new address?

Yes, staff email addresses will change to look like

Will the old email addresses be working once the new ones are in place?

Yes, messages sent to the an old email address will be automatically transferred to the new one. All the outgoing emails will be sent from the new email addresses.

Can I continue to use all the previous templates (forms, documents, reports, etc.) ?

New templates and a user guide are being prepared. The General Secretariat will share them with staff as soon as they are available.

What needs to be taken into account with regard to invoicing?

From the date the new name of the association comes into effect, all invoices must be addressed to "United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS)”, even if the order was placed under the name of "GLMS". The legal forms and the reference to the domicile remain unchanged and must be factored into the invoicing accordingly.