GLMS contributes to university courses

GLMS contributes to university courses on sports integrity and law in Switzerland and Portugal
GLMS contributes to university courses

GLMS speaks at courses at University of Lausanne and Catholic University of Lisbon

3 May 2022: GLMS delivers education day on sports regulation at University of Lausanne

GLMS participated on 3 May in the University of Lausanne’s annual course on Regulation of Global Sport.
The programme included participants who have a first university degree in a relevant field, or who manage (units of) global sport organisations and are faced with the challenges of global sport involving domestic (hard) laws and transnational sporting codes (soft laws).

The objectives include knowing the different global sport stakeholders, their autonomy and their collaborative governance, and the peculiar ecosystem in which they take part; understanding the global sporting regulations based on domestic, European and international (hard) laws, and/or transnational sporting rules (soft laws); and reflecting upon the possible evolution of global sport regulations thanks to the models and current issues facing global sport presented in the course.

GLMS was represented by Ludovico Calvi, GLMS President, as well as onsite, General Secretary Luca Esposito Poleo and Cassandra Fernandes, Legal and Projects manager. They presented various aspects related to sport integrity, ranging from the Macolin Convention, to the importance of monitoring and analysis and finally the regulatory landscape and inter-stakeholder cooperation.

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12 May 2022: GLMS delivers session at inaugural Advanced course on sports betting at University of Catolica law school -Lisbon

GLMS, represented by legal and projects manager, Cassandra Fernandes, contributed to the inaugural Advanced Course in Sports Betting, hosted by Católica | Faculdade de Direito (Escola de Lisboa) and organised by Rato, Ling, Lei & Cortés – Advogados | Lektou | 力圖 .

Cassandra addressed Sports Wagering Integrity, and shared my experiences and knowledge gained in the domain:
🔑First, from working on the Macolin Convention at the Council of Europe; helping to implement legislation including sports betting integrity and developing National Platforms; and then
🔑 linking this to the monitoring, analysis, policy, regulatory and education work done by GLMS and its engagement with stakeholders, representing its member lotteries and other associate members in the field.

The course took place between April and May 2022 and was aimed at Gaming executives, Lawyers,
Judges, Consultants and other professionals or agents who practice or are willing to practice in the sports betting industry, offering them the chance to a larger understanding of the various areas of the industry which is significantly specialized and developing in a continuous and rapid manner.

The discussion was lively and included legal obligations of public and private sports betting entities, notably reporting, conflicts of interest and internal awareness-raising.

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