Sessions delivered to regulatory authorities and law enforcement in Q1 of 2022

GLMS’ educational pillar was in full strength in the first quarter of 2022, delivering educational sessions to several stakeholders, including law enforcement, a regulatory authority and a national platform.

The sessions included the use of its monitoring reports in intelligence gathering and investigations, as well as working with the national lottery offering sports betting to access more information and finally, the sports betting integrity scene as well as GLMS’ platform, and work with its members.

Education is an important strategic activity for GLMS and its members, believing strongly in the need for cross-stakeholder understanding of challenges and obligations faced by the many stakeholders that are involved in the fight against manipulations of sports competitions.

Therefore, in addition to being partners of several ERASMUS+ (EU co-funded) projects training and raising awareness among stakeholders including law enforcement and judiciary (i.e. Integrisport Next), athletes and club officials (i.e. Integriball) and public authorities (i.e. KCOOS+) , the team also regularly sets up adhoc sessions within the framework of these projects and on an adhoc basis, delivering useful tools for use in the long-term.

Keeping up the pace in 2022

The work doesn’t stop there. In Q2, several additional sessions are planned including:

  • awareness raising for law enforcement and judiciary in Cyprus, Malta and Georgia, within the Integrisport Next project
  • awareness raising for National Platforms (national fora involving all relevant stakeholders in prevention, detection and sanctioning of manipulations of sports competitions)
  • education sessions for future legal professionals in the field, together with the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)