Official Launch - EU Co-Funded Project IntegriSport 3.0 Third edition of IntegriSport 3.0 (2022-2024) to continue its focus on investigation and prosecution by law enforcement and judicial authorities of sport manipulation across 6 countries The IntegriSport 3.0, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Sports fund, was officially launched on March 3, 2023, at a kick-off meeting in Vienna with all 10 project and supporting Partners.

Official Launch of EU Co-Funded Project IntegriSport 3.0
Official Launch - EU Co-Funded Project IntegriSport 3.0

A thrid edition on the heels of 2 successful projects

The project, developed and coordinated by the CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, builds upon the success and learnings of its predecessors IntegriSport Erasmus+ (2019-20) and IntegriSport Next (2021-22). The IntegriSport Concept has already helped to train over 400 officials from almost 25 law enforcement and judicial organizations and with this third edition, it shall be reaching almost 2/3rd of the EU, proving its uniqueness and promoting the importance of awareness, strengthening capacities and increasing the efficiency of the target group in the fight against criminal activities in sport.

The IntegriSport 3.0 project marks a joint commitment to engage in multi-stakeholder and transnational co-operation, with 6 country Partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Romania and Spain. They are joined by the project’s academic Partner, Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya, and International Partner, United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports, the latter of which has been a partner since the 1st edition.

ULIS to contribute to new dimensions and tools for investigation and prosecution of match-fixing

With the active contribution of ULIS, the project will continue to deliver the much appreciated comprehensive awareness raising training programs to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) and Judicial Authorities (JA) in Europe, and additionally improve from the learnings, adding several more dimensions, topics and tools to provide the best possible knowledge and operational support to tackle sports manipulation and criminal intrusion into sports.

Operational activities kick-off with Austria Fact-Finding mission

6-7 March 2023. The first operational activity under IntegriSport 3.0 project shall be a Fact Finding Mission in Austria, where CSCF and Partner organization experts shall conduct focused discussions with various key stakeholders and decision makers from Austria , setting the baseline for the research and implementation phase of the project.

The project consortium includes:

Country Partners Organizations: Play Fair Code, Austria, Estonian Center for Integrity in Sports (ESTCIS), Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport, Romanian Ministry of Sport, Spanish National Police

Partner Organizations: Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya, Spain (INEFC)

Supporting Organization: FIFPRO

Coordinating Organization: CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity