IntegriSport 3.0 Awareness Raising Practical Session in Greece

IntegriSport 3.0

IntegriSport 3.0, a project co-funded by the European Union aimed at providing training to Law Enforcement Agencies, started its first awareness raising practical session in Greece, at the General Secretariat of Sport, in Athens. The Greek Minister of Sport Ioannis Vroutsis attended the event and highlighted the pioneering work done by the national platform and reminded that Greece, the country where the Olympic Games were born, takes very seriously the issue of competition manipulation.

On the first day of the session, ULIS Operations Manager Daniel Chan explained how ULIS monitoring activity functions and how law enforcement authorities in Greece can make the best use of the integrity reports as one piece of evidence in potential cases of competition manipulation.

ULIS Project Manager Cristina Swan noted the importance of having two active members in the country. The lottery OPAP and the Greek national platform EPATHLA are both members of ULIS, and take advantage of the association’s global integrity network which facilitates the exchange of information at the national and international levels.

Swan also moderated a panel discussion on what the Greek betting sector can do to prevent sport manipulation. Representatives from the Hellenic Gaming Commission, the Hellenic Gaming Association, the Hellenic Online Gaming Association and OPAP, discussed the subject and emphasized that despite the regulations in place illegal betting is a huge problem and affects not only the industry as a whole, but also contributes to the rise of other illegal activities associated with crime, money laundry and match-fixing.

The next IntegriSport 3.0 training session is scheduled to take place in Madrid at the Spanish National Police Headquarters on 24-25 October.

About IntegriSport 3.0

ULIS is a partner of IntegriSport 3.0, a project coordinated by the CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity which is in its third edition.

Country Partners Organizations: Play Fair Code, Austria, Estonian Center for Integrity in Sports (ESTCIS), Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport, Romanian Ministry of Sport, Spanish National Police

Other partner organizations: Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya, Spain (INEFC)

Supporting organizations: FIFPRO