Brazil's Thriving Sports Betting Market Insights from ULIS Honorary President Ludovico Calvi

The sports betting market in Brazil and Latin America has been experiencing significant growth and development in recent years. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to understand the current landscape and the potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.
Brazil's Thriving Sports Betting Market

ULIS Honorary President Ludovico Calvi, recently attend the SBC Summit Rio and during an interview gave his insights into this dynamic market. He expressed his optimism about the Brazilian sports betting market, stating, "I think this is a great opportunity for the Brazilian market that could become one of the biggest markets in the world." He also emphasized the importance of effective market regulation and clear communication from public authorities and private operators to ensure the credibility and sustainability of the market.

Calvi highlighted the significance of collaboration between federal and state authorities, that should be seen as partners rather than competitors. He explained, "We are talking about a global ecosystem, and the industry needs public authorities, and public authorities need the industry, the operators, because you have to develop a Brazilian Model using the local competencies and seeking the best practices from the rest of the world."

Addressing Concerns and Future Prospects:

When asked about the potential impact of the 15% income tax on punters and the possibility of them shifting to the gray market, Calvi emphasized the importance of credibility and trust. People should understand that betting with a licensed operator provides a guarantee for the consumer, and this should be effectively communicated by both the industry and public authorities.

He acknowledged that the market's development is a gradual process and the tax rate may evolve over time. We must stress the importance of launching the market, engaging in discussions with the Ministry of Finance, and addressing challenges such as illegal betting.

Looking ahead, Calvi sees Brazil as one of the markets with potential significant growth, alongside the United States, India, and Japan. He believes that Brazilian skills, platforms, and technologies will play a crucial role in driving this growth and establishing Brazil as an important model for the entire Latin American region.

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Video source: Games Magazine Brazil