Successful monitoring of the 2023 FIFA World Cup FIFA 2023 Women's World Cup Task Force

Successful monitoring of the 2023 FIFA World Cup

As a monitoring organization and part of the FIFA’s Integrity Task Force, the ULIS Operations Team together with its lottery members of the ULIS Monitoring & Intelligence Group (UMIG) successfully concluded their work on monitoring the betting markets related to the event.

The FIFA Task Force did not identify any suspicious betting activities or match-manipulation threats on all the 64 matches that were played in Australia and New Zealand. Reports and information on the betting monitoring were centralized by FIFA. The data also included information from law enforcement activities and physical surveillance at the competition venues.

The 2023 FIFA Womens’ World Cup was the second edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ to be monitored by the task force, which was launched ahead of the 2019 finals. The event ended on 20 August with the Spanish team winning it for the first time.

ULIS continues to work and collaborate with its partners for safeguarding the integrity of all major international sport events and it is now focusing its efforts on the monitoring of the FIBA Basketball World Cup starting on 25 August. The 2023 FIBA World Cup is jointly organized by the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.