ULIS Embarks on Integriball2 Advancing Football education in integrity for Youth and Women

ULIS Embarks on Integriball2

On March 13th, Integriball2 kicked off in Brussel with its first steering committee. The event brought together the national football associations of the three countries involved (Estonia, Georgia and Romania) Eesti Jalgpalli LIIT (EJL), The Georgian Football Federation (GFF), Federatia Romana de Fotbal, as well as representatives from the project coordinator CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, partner organizations UEFA and Berkeley Global Society (BGS).

Building upon the success of the Integriball Erasmus+ project, Integriball2 reflects its continuation based on positive results from the first initiative, and the ongoing dedication of the all partners to delivering vital education and nurturing integrity among young and women football players.

The kickoff meeting discussions ranged from outlining the project's overarching goals to delineating specific action plans and timelines. Through open dialogue and shared vision, the partners reaffirmed their commitment to the project's mission, setting a solid foundation for future collaboration and impact.

Through collaboration and shared expertise, Integriball2 will develop innovative education and training materials tailored to address the unique needs of women and youth football players. ULIS looks forward to contributing to the project on the research phase and development of comprehensive educational resources, specifically on competition manipulation issues, the risks it can represent for the target audiences, and the dangers of illegal betting practices.

About the project

This initiative aims to tackle crucial sports integrity issues, including the prevention of match-fixing, ensuring player safety through safeguarding measures, and promoting the significance of whistleblowing. Over the next two years, our objective is to enhance the educational resources available to federations and provide direct training to players in three countries: Estonia, Georgia, and Romania.

Partners of Integriball 2.0 include the coordinator and content expert CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, the country partners, Eesti Jalgpalli LIIT (EJL), The Georgian Football Federation (GFF), and Federatia Romana De Fotbal (FRF), the partner organizations Berkeley Global Society (BGS), and United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS) and the supporting partner UEFA. This collaborative partnership fortifies the initiative, laying a strong foundation for its success.

Integriball 2.0 seeks to evaluate the level of knowledge on match-fixing, safeguarding, and whistleblowing protocols. Based on the assessment results, customized education programs will be developed and distributed in participating countries. The project's primary aim is to widely disseminate essential knowledge on countering sports manipulation, safeguarding practices, and whistleblowing mechanisms, ensuring accessibility for youth and female players alike. Through targeted education and empowerment initiatives, our goal is to foster a sporting environment that prioritizes integrity and inclusivity.

Since its inception, the program has made significant strides within football communities across eight countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Malta and now Estonia, Georgia and Romania paving the way for a more secure, inclusive, and ethically-driven sports landscape.

“With Integriball 2.0, we continue our efforts to promote integrity within football, reaching out to young and female players with essential education on the matter," stated Norbert Rubicsek, Director at CSCF. "We are dedicated to making a difference and look forward to the advancements this initiative will bring.”

About ULIS

ULIS is is a non-profit association of state lotteries conceived to safeguard the integrity and core values of sports from corruption, specifically, from the manipulation of sports competitions. As a partner in Integriball 2.0, ULIS emphasizes the role of sports betting integrity in maintaining the credibility of football competitions. By implementing measures to prevent match manipulation and illegal betting activities, ULIS helps safeguard the integrity of football and protects the interests of fans, athletes, and stakeholders.

About Project Coordinator

CSCF: The CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity is an organization committed to enhancing integrity, transparency, and ethics in sports across the globe. We offer education, advice, and risk management support to sports organizations, law enforcement, governmental bodies, and the betting industry, addressing key ethical and integrity challenges.

As Integriball 2.0 coordinators and a premier content provider, we drive this unique initiative, committed to the cause of sports integrity.

About Integriball 2.0 partners

Eesti Jalgpalli LIIT (EJL): EJL, or the Estonian Football Association, is the governing body for football in Estonia. As a partner in Integriball 2.0, EJL represents the importance of integrity in sports governance at a national level. By ensuring fair play, transparency, and ethical conduct within Estonian football, EJL contributes to fostering integrity both on and off the field.

The Georgian Football Federation (GFF): GFF serves as the governing body for football in Georgia. Through its involvement in Integriball 2.0, GFF emphasizes the significance of integrity in sports development within the country. By promoting integrity in football administration, player conduct, and fan engagement, GFF plays a crucial role in upholding the values of fairness and honesty in Georgian football.

Federatia Romana De Fotbal (FRF): FRF, or the Romanian Football Federation, is responsible for overseeing football activities in Romania. As a partner in Integriball 2.0, FRF underscores the importance of integrity in football governance and competition. FRF's commitment to combating corruption, match-fixing, and other integrity-related issues within Romanian football highlights its dedication to preserving the sport's credibility and ethical standards.

Berkeley Global Society (BGS): BGS is an organization focused on global issues, including integrity in sports. As a partner in Integriball 2.0, BGS brings expertise in ethical leadership, anti-corruption measures, and transparency initiatives. By collaborating with football federations and other stakeholders, BGS contributes to advancing integrity principles and best practices in the sports industry worldwide.

For further information about Integriball 2.0 and opportunities for involvement, please contact: Integriball2.admin@cscfsport.com