Integrity Rating and Reports
ULIS intelligence and analysis of a sport event is gathered and compiled into an integrity report. This information can be used to support investigations or help to address integrity concerns surrounding a match, a league, a tournament or a major multisport event. The report also contains information that enables tracking trends concerning teams and competitions.

The integrity report includes detailed sections analyzing key components to be used to assess the match or the sport event. The data comes from information obtained from ULIS members and partners, odds analysis including pre-match and in-play, gameplay analysis, match scenario, etc. This gives an extra piece of evidence for relevant stakeholders to understand the potential risk and integrity concern of a sport event.

Our team of experts and analysts assesses the event based on our integrity rating system. The purpose of the ULIS integrity rating is to provide a simple system of gradation depending on the level of suspicion of the match. The rating system may reflect a subjective view of the expert and should be used as a reference only.

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ULIS Monitoring & Intelligence Group
For some major international sport events, ULIS supports sports organizations or competition organizers in ensuring the integrity of their competitions by gathering information and intelligence from any suspected activity, pre and during the event, and compiling a report that can assist in possible investigative proceedures

The ULIS Intelligence and Monitoring Group (UMIG) can be understood as a fixed international lottery task force composed of ULIS members in coordination with a team of expert analysts. UMIG is a dedicated collaborative group that monitors and shares valuable information throughout the sports event.

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ULIS monitoring experience with major sports events:
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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
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