ULIS monitoring hubs
ULIS monitoring hubs are located on three different continents: Denmark, Hong Kong, and Canada. ULIS is capable of offering a 24-hour service of monitoring sports betting patterns around the world.

Watch the video to discover more from the ULIS global monitoring hubs, find out what their work entails, and how it can be used to assist law enforcement in investigations into match-fixing and other illicit activities.

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Monitoring Coverage Brochure
Monthly Monitoring Reports
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Alerts and Notifications
Graph Alerts
ULIS Alerts Methodology & Classification

When irregular betting patterns are detected in the ULIS platform, alerts are sent to members and all relevant parties. These alerts are ranked according to their risk level or severity.

Depending on the severity of the alert, a full detailed integrity report can be produced. To produce such a report after an alert, the ULIS Operations Team consults its members to gather additional information on the potential grounds that could justify the irregularity detected in the odds changes. Based on the information received from the members, which includes money flow data, and if the irregularity cannot be justified on objective grounds, a detailed integrity report is issued.

Graph Notifications Updated
Green Notification Explained

The green notification distinguishes from the yellow and red alerts in the sense that the odds movement, which appears to be suspicious from the start, could be explained based on additional information and intelligence gathered on the competition.

Green notifications are relevant and should be conveyed to ULIS members as they assist traders, on the ground, to identify trends.


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