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Risk Assessment
Sport competitions, leagues, and tournaments

With an experienced team of integrity professional and analysts, ULIS can provide risk assessment for a single competition, or entire sports tournaments like the Olympic Games, the EUFA Championships or FIFA World Cups. Members can ask for assessment upon their needs, and this service can assist on their decision to offer their portfolio of products on the their sportsbook.

Prevention Tool
Dangerous fixture

ULIS always suggests that members should not offer potentially dangerous sport events in their product portfolios. This could prevent them from being exploited by fraudsters and eventually halt match manipulations.

Based on the ULIS intelligence and database, teams or players are identified, that could potentially represent a threat to the integrity of the event and a list of dangerous fixtures is compiled. Each month a dangerous fixture list is made available to members containing the upcoming matches that should be carefully considered before deciding on their inclusion iin the sportsbook.


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