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ULIS regularly organizes virtual and in-person seminars that can be held in conjunction with other lottery organizations, such as the World Lottery Association (WLA) and European Lotteries (EL). These seminars address topics related to sports integrity prevention and education from the perspective of the betting industry.

Upcoming ULIS Events
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ULIS has developed training material specifically and mainly designed for lottery members, that can be useful at the operational level. The training tools provided can facilitate the understanding of how to detect and identify risky matches, and how to make an assessment of the different factors of a suspicious match. They are based on concrete examples of a potentially fixed match. In addition, these training sessions reinforce the best practices and procedures for the exchange of information between our members and other stakeholders, including the production and further work of a comprehensive integrity report for investigation purposes.

Some of our Education & Training Activities
Integrisport 3.0 - Training for Law Enforcement and Judicial Authorities
Since 2019 ULIS has been involved as an active partner organization in this project that is co-founded by the European Union and coordinated by the Foundation for Sport Integrity (CSCF). IntegriSport is now in its third edition, Integrisport 3.0, with Greece, Spain, Austria, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania, as particpating countries.
IntegriSport 3.0 contributes to tackling sports competition manipulation from a criminal law perspective (corruption, money laundering, virtual currencies), with the main objective of offering theoretical and practical support to law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the investigations and prosecution activities.
Integriball 2.0 - Education for young and women football players
The first Integriball project that ran from 2020 to 2021, focused on football players from young age categories.

In is second edition, Integriball 2.0 launched at the begining of 2024, the project aims to create awareness in order to protect these target groups from the threats of competition manipulation and other related sport-regulatory or criminal activities. The project, first addressed grassroot players in Romania, Estonia and Georgia, is supported by UEFA and coordinated by CSCF Foundation.
Keep Crime Out of Sport Plus - Education for Public Authorities
(KCOOS+) in collaboration with the Council of Europe ran from 2018 to 2020.

The purpose of the KCOOS+ project was to support states in implementing the key provisions of the Macolin Convention at regional and national levels, notably the setting up of national platforms, sharing information among key stakeholders and developing education and prevention initiatives.


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