Danish Gambling Authority joins ULIS

“The Danish Gambling Authority is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent market in Denmark”, said Luca Esposito, ULIS General Secretary, “we believe that our collaboration and cooperation are key to ensuring the integrity of sports betting in Denmark, and we look forward to working with the Danish Gambling Authority as our new public authority Associate Member”.
Danish Gambling Authority joins ULIS

As an Associate Member, the Danish Gambling Authority will have access to ULIS's resources and expertise in the field of sports integrity. The authority will also be able to participate in ULIS's events and activities, including workshops, conferences, and training sessions.

The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for ensuring a well-regulated gambling market in Denmark where players are protected against unfair and illegal gambling. Their key duties

include issuing licenses to provide gambling, supervision of gambling operators and monitoring the gambling industry. The Danish Gambling Authority is appointed as the

secretary for the Danish National Platform against match-fixing.

ULIS is a non-profit association that aims to promote integrity and transparency in sports betting. The association represents lotteries from around the world and works closely with sports organizations, governments, and regulators to combat match-fixing and other forms of corruption in sports.

For more information about the Danish Gambling Authority and its role in promoting responsible gambling, please visit www.spillemyndigheden.dk.